Bathroom Advice From A Home Organizer | 10 tips rooted in Minimalism & Multifunctionality

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An organized bathroom, void of clutter, gives you the mental and physical space you need for a minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle. So we went to professional home organizer, Liz Butler of Little Boxes, to get some expert advice! We love Little Boxes' focus on minimizing clutter and beautifying your bathroom experience. Here is a peak into her wisdom:

Here are my top 10 tips for keeping an organized bathroom featuring 4 main areas: the medicine cabinet, under the sink, in the shower, and the top of the sink.

10 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom By Anato Regenerative Skincare

The Medicine Cabinet

Tip #1: Keep only what you actually, truly, digging deep, not-lying-to-yourself use.

Liz Butlers Medicine Cabinet

Go through your medicine cabinet and pull out only the things that you use every day. Then pull out everything you use once a week. Now, look in your medicine cabinet and see what you have left. A sample of a serum that you got 8 months ago? A used up deodorant? A bottle of leave-in conditioner that you used once and didn’t like? Clear out the excess by cleaning out and repurposing old bottles, or recycling them. 

Tip #2: Remove labels or stick to one brand.

An array of clashing product labels may be contributing to the cluttered look of your medicine cabinet more than you realize. To create a more streamlined look that’s easier on the eye, either choose a cohesive brand to source most of your products from (hello Anato!), or remove the labels on some of your products. 

Tip #3: Conceal with repurposed containers.

In my medicine cabinet, you can see that I’ve concealed my not-so-cute deodorants by placing them in a VERY cute little wooden box on the top shelf. It’s totally easy to tilt the box forward and grab and replace my deodorant every day (or a few times a week, sorry Mom). Then, on the middle shelf, I put my reusable cotton rounds in an amber glass jar that I had from a used up hand cream. You can get really creative with this concept, containing less attractive cosmetics in pretty items from around the house. Try small ceramic bowls, cups, canisters, tinted glass jars or little boxes! (*wink*).

Alternatively, to save yourself time, you can purchase from brands that use aesthetically pleasing and sturdy packaging. Read more about Anato’s bare, reusable, and compostable packing.

Tip #4: Group like items.

If space permits, put your hair stuff together, face stuff together, body stuff together. It makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you have a million other things on your mind.

Tip #5: Include decorative elements

I love including decorative elements in the most mundane spots around my house to make those boring moments a little more cheerful and energizing. For the medicine cabinet, think of things that can withstand a humid environment, especially if your bathroom gets particularly steamy. I love using stones, seashells, and ceramics.

Under the Sink

Tip #6: Get a wooden lazy susan.

If you have lots of tall bottles under your sink, lazy susans are your friend. Once you have a lazy susan, never again must you be in full squat, entire head in the cabinet, frantically rummaging through your own stuff! So frustrating. No, instead, with the ease of a flick of the wrist, all of your items are displayed to you like a prize.

Tip #7: Get a basket or 2 or 3.

Contain smaller like-items in baskets. Extra toilet paper, medication, extra shower supplies, etc. I recommend this for most cabinets in any area of the home, but especially any cabinet that requires squatting to access. That way if you know what category the item you’re looking for is in, you can just grab that particular basket and find what you’re looking for at eye level.

In the Shower

Tip #8: Multifunctional Products

Anato's black cedar soap

A tip for the shower, and really everywhere in your bathroom. Sourcing multifunctional products means you will purchase and store less products overall. Less products, means less clutter, less waste, and more efficiency and function. Anato’s Black Cedar Soap, for example, can be a body and face wash. It is conveniently sold in a travel-friendly tin, so you don’t need to purchase a separate soap for your travels. The Baume Reparateur has a list of 14 various uses

Tip #9: Keep it minimal.

Keep it simple by sticking to a few crucial products that you use often. Store that new shampoo under your sink or other storage area until you use up the bottle in your shower that you still haven’t finished. Or if you really want to try a new product, store your old shampoo or other product under your sink until you’re ready to switch back. That way your shower never becomes a goopy product graveyard.

The Top of the Sink

Bathroom Tips from Liz Butler and Anato Regenerative Skincare

Tip #10: Stick to the daily essentials.

The top of your sink should be designated for hand soap and your toothbrush/toothpaste, which should be placed in an attractive container. Anything additional should be aesthetically pleasing and used often (if not every day). Because everything on the top of your sink is out in the open, it can easily look cluttered and feel like an overwhelming mess if there’s too much there.


Liz Butler is a Bay Area based home organizer. Through her work, she helps clients create environments that align with their individualized goals — whether that’s creating space for a side hustle in a garage, because it’s time to take it to the next level, or setting up a child’s room just right to create a peaceful haven, or organizing a kitchen so it becomes a joy to cook. She is currently accepting new clients virtually, delivering custom plans through video chat. For more information, visit her website:


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