Why 'ANATO'? A Forest to Face® solution

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ANATO’s origins, unsurprisingly, come from the forest

ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

Deep in the tropical rainforests, lives a tree known as the Achiote tree.

This tree bears seed pods that contain a stunning and useful resource known as “annatto.”

Annatto has a long history of diverse use, mainly as a coloring agent, because of its vibrant red hue. Cheddar cheese, for example, often lists annatto as an ingredient responsible for its red/orange hue. Meanwhile, Latin America uses annatto as a condiment.

It is annatto’s use, however, as a skin food, that caught the attention of Anato’s founder, Céline. She discovered the Achiote tree, also known as the “Lipstick Tree,” during her master’s fieldwork in Hawaii. Annatto’s UVA and UVB protection properties led her to wear it on her face as a sunscreen while she was out surfing the Pacific waves. This primal practice, of taking the forest and wearing it on her face, had a lasting impact on Céline. And now she shares that with you all through the Ocean Friendly Sunblock that is loaded with annatto, a wonderful forest to face sun protection!

So from the lush forests, abundant with the wild and whimsical seed pods of annatto, came the start of ANATO life. Our Forest to Face® roots run deep. 

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