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We make your skin GLOW while the forests GROWA solution to climate change

In the face of rapid climate change, perennial plants, especially in the context of regenerative agriculture, are a multifaceted solution to:

⟡ Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere

⟡ Re-building healthy soils

⟡ Creating long-lasting crops for farmers

⟡ Reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilizers

⟡ Creating more habitat for diverse ecosystems

By focusing our ingredient sourcing on perennial plants with rich benefits for your skin paired with rich benefits for the ecosystems in which they live in, we are revolutionizing skincare. No more toxic ingredients in disposable packaging. No more “plant-derived” or “plant-based.” We simply use perennial “plants” like trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials.


Trees are the solution to climate change and they offer incredible and effective benefits for our skin. So we have taken it upon ourselves to gather and transform tree and perennial-based ingredients from ethical farmers and distributors into effective and socially responsible skincare. These farmers are growing our ingredients in forest-like agricultural systems. We bottle up these fresh and healthy forest ingredients and bring them to your face.

Our products

Trees are resilient, wise, strong and beautiful. We aim to impart these characteristics into each of our products to give you glowing and healthy skin.

Ingredients that improve your skin & benefit the environment

Jojoba as a symbol of resiliency. Jojoba trees thrive in arid conditions, where many other plants can’t survive. According to the United Nations, desertification is happening around the planet at a rate 30-35 times higher than historical rates(2). So valuing crops that can thrive in a hot and dry environment will be a critical piece to coping with climate change.


The regenerative farm we source our jojoba from intercrops with the beneficial nitrogen fixer, Bara Bara. This Pacific South West Desert farm planted their first jojoba crop in the 80's! And we are still reaping the nutritious jojoba oil from these original trees. A long-term investment well worth it for the environment, and the economy. 

Read more about our perennial ingredients & their benefits.


The beauty industry is begging for a revolution. It is a huge contributor to single-use NON-recyclable plastic. In fact, of the 8300 million metric tons of virgin plastic that has been produced, only 9% ever gets recycled. 

Anato is starting this revolution and approaching consumerism from a systems-thinking perspective. Our regenerative ingredients, multi-use products, and low waste packaging, make selecting the more sustainable option much easier. 

More than just your face Anato Life Skincare

We know our fellow forest fans want to be a part of this revolution, so we offer easy and effective solutions. You want exquisite and effective skincare and you also want to help the environment. Our Forest to Face® products allow you to purchase socially responsible skincare while helping to mitigate climate change. Not only do we support the farmers’ stewardship of the forest and forest-like agriculture through our sourcing, we also plant a tree for every purchase.

We are different from other “eco” skincare brands

Anato is here to elevate the social capital of trees through multi-use consumer products. We clearly demonstrate the utility of living forests and regenerative landscapes for daily life. Skincare needs to go above and beyond zero-waste and “sustainable” by being truly regenerative. We are accelerating the global transition to regenerative agriculture. 

Skincare brands need to go beyond organic and sustainable by being truly regenerative and build up soil health.

So yes, there is a forest inside that bottle of serum, that jar of balm, and that bar of soap. Every time you use an Anato product, you are participating in a zero-waste, systems-thinking, and regenerative agriculture revolution, and we thank you for that. 

We are here for the forest, and we are here for your face. 

skincare from trees

PS: For those that are already a part of our communiTree (you’ve already taken the quiz perhaps), go one step further by planting perennials. Plant a tree, or maybe a low maintenance herbaceous shrub. These trees and shrubs will bear fruits, nuts, medicine, meals, and fresh oxygen. Plan for your future and your children’s future. Check out our article on perennial gardening tips.


(2) Nunez, Christina. Desertification: Explained. National Geographic. May 31, 2019

(3) Parker, Susan (2014). The Power of the Seed.

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