8 Lessons From Rose's Perennial Beauty

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8 Lessons From Rose's Perennial Beauty | By Anato Regenerative Skincare From Trees

1) Know Your Needs & Make Them Clear:

Our girl Rose has a reputation amongst gardeners. She is known to be finicky, maybe hard to handle. Some have even called her high maintenance. But you know what? Rose knows what she needs to thrive and she doesn’t settle for less. Ample sunlight, proper pruning and proper fertilizing are some of her ingredients to flourish and allow her perennial beauty to shine. What are yours? Thank you Rose for the reminder that having needs does not make us needy. Knowing ourselves and what makes us thrive is a gift. We should all take some self care ideas from our girl Rose.

2) Live In Tune With The Seasons:

Rose is particular about seasonal living. In the winter, she likes to mellow out and hunker down. In spring, she likes to be revitalized with a good pruning (spring cleaning anyone?!) and a proper fertilizing. Summertime and into fall are her favorite times to parade about and bask in the splendor of each bloom. We too can achieve greater harmony in our lives and find our perennial beauty by tuning in and obeying the governance of each season.


8 Lessons From Rose's Perennial Beauty | By Anato

3) Good Things Take Time:

There is a famous quote, by Canadian philosopher Matshona Dhliwayo, Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom. If we rush about through life, we don’t allow things to develop at their own pace and into their truest and fullest potential. Little by little we can reach our goals and make positive change. A self care idea, slow down and allow yourself to blossom. 

4) Set Boundaries:

Rose emanates confidence and perennial beauty. But she also makes it clear that she has strong boundaries. Her flowers offer beauty and peace to those around her while her thorns dignify her. Without the thorns, and a strong set of boundaries, she would get taken advantage of and damaged. We all need to offer peace, beauty and kindness while also setting personal boundaries.

5) Self-Care Is Crucial:

Like Rose, we all thrive best with regular maintenance and self-care routines. Rose likes regular watering and fertilizing to be at her fullest potential. Don’t you, too?

8 Lessons From Rose's Perennial Beauty | By Anato

6) Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You:

Rose certainly does not shy away from a good clipping, taking things back down towards her core to re-evaluate and then return with renewed strength and victory. In fact, Rose actually thrives and blooms stronger when she routinely lets go of that which no longer serves her - like dead flower heads, mildewy leaves and dead or damaged canes. We all need a proper pruning here and there, am I right?! Remember that bullsh*t that happened last week that has been circulating your mind ever since? Yep - prune it back, let it go, practice self love, and give yourself that extra space to flourish.

7) Unabashedly Share Your Gifts:

Rose is a powerhouse of antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, and an amazing ability to both tighten and tone skin, while hydrating it. She wears her delicious fragrance loud and proud. And I know it can be hard to let ourselves shine without restraint, but let’s take it from rose and share our gifts with others. 

8) #Perennial Beauty:

Perhaps Rose’s longest lasting lesson is that of perennial beauty. Her beauty has been around for what archaeologists estimate at 35 million years. In many ways, she has changed and adapted to the times, yet she has also kept much of her heirloom (a.k.a true OG) qualities. Throughout the year, she displays her perennial beauty in many different forms from full summer blooms to wintery starkness. Read more about perennial beauty here.

 In Summary: 

We all should take some self care ideas from our girl Rose and her perennial beauty. From her we can learn to know our needs & make them clear, live in tunes with the seasons, take time for ourselves to blossom, set boundaries, let go of what no longer serves us, and let our beauty shine. Read more below about how to get more roses in your life.

 How to get more rose in your life: 

Rose Icon 1308735These lessons, in a nutshell (a.k.a in a bottle), are found in our Regenerative Elixir.

Rose Icon 1308735Plant a rose bush in your garden. Keep it potted, or put it directly in fertile soil. This perennial plant will gift you with her calming scent, her glorious flowers, and her encouraging growth. 

Rose Icon 1308735Eat roses! They are delicate and delicious. Check out this chocolate truffle recipe that perfectly weaves in the flavor of rose.

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