The Most Exquisite Jojoba & Its Benefits For All Skin Types

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Many of Anato's products are jojoba oil based. Why?

Whether your skin is too oily, too dry, or too sensitive - jojoba is here to balance your skin out and plays a key role in our skincare routine

The chemical makeup of jojoba oil mimics the sebum our skin naturally produces, helping to:

⟡ Balance & regulate our bodies’ oil production: no more excess oil production

⟡ Absorb easily, leaving a non greasy film

⟡ Prevent water loss - the cause of aging skin

⟡ Noncomedogenic = means that it will not clog pores

⟡ Treat & prevent acne causing bacteria

Find out why you shouldn't wash your face with soap and why opting for a facial oil is so important. 

a resilient perennial plant in the face of climate change

Plus, beyond its skin benefits, jojoba has environmental benefits. In the midst of a warming climate, jojoba is a drought tolerant shrub that thrives in stark conditions that most plants would wither away in. Anato prides itself in its conscientious sourcing of ingredients - and our jojoba oil is an excellent example of how we operate as a social enterprise by choosing crops from regenerative agriculture farms.

The desert shrub jojoba seals in moisture - Anato Forest to Face® Skincare

As a social enterprise, we source jojoba from a regenerative agriculture farm

Our organic jojoba grows in its natural habitat ⤅ The Pacific South West Desert. 

The jojoba shrub thrives in the desert. It produces this prized oil to protect itself against water loss in its arid environment — it does the same for our skin.

We call the farmers ⤅ to freshly press the seeds for us on demand.

Jojoba is not the only perennial plant that we use, check out our other ingredients that are good for your skin & the planet.

Many of our products contain Jojoba oil

⟡ Regenerative Elixir  ⟡ Arborescent Serum ⟡ Woodlands Pour Homme ⟡ Tree Balm® ⟡ Ocean Friendly Sunblock ⟡

We are not only spilling the beans about jojoba... 

We know that skincare is C O M P L E X 

We are here to help you understand your skin, its personal needs, and the benefits of our meticulously sourced ingredients. So on all our product pages, you can learn about — 

※ Targeted skin types ⚘ Ingredient benefits ✿ Aroma profiles ♺ Afterlife of our packaging ↟ Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture  



Jojoba for youthful skinFind feel-good holistic treatments for anti-aging in our free, downloadable guide ↓



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