The Most Exquisite Jojoba & Its Benefits For All Skin Types

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Many of Anato's favorite products are jojoba oil based. 


Whether your skin is too oily, too dry, or too sensitive - jojoba is here to balance your skin out. 

Plus, beyond its skin benefits, jojoba has environmental benefits. In the midst of a warming climate, jojoba is a drought tolerant shrub that thrives in stark conditions that most plants would wither away in. Anato prides itself in its conscientious sourcing of ingredients - and our jojoba oil is an excellent example of how we operate as a social enterprise by choosing crops from regenerative agriculture farms.

As a social enterprise, we source jojoba from a regenerative agriculture farm:

Our organic jojoba grows in its natural habitat ⤅ The U.S Sonoran Desert

We call the farmers ⤅ to freshly press the seeds for us on demand

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Find our freshly pressed jojoba oil:

Regenerative Elixir

Arborescent Serum

Woodlands pour homme

Tree Balm®

Ocean Friendly Sunblock

Green beauty with jojoba oil benefits

We are not only spilling the beans about jojoba... 

We know that skincare is 

C O M P L E X 

We are here to help you understand your skin, its personal needs, and the benefits of our meticulously sourced ingredients. So on all our product pages, you can now learn how. 

 ※ Targeted skin types ⚘ Ingredient benefits ✿ Aroma profiles

♺ Afterlife of our packaging ↟ Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture  

Jojoba for youthful skin?

Yup! Along with these feel good holistic treatments for anti-aging, found in our free, downloadable guide.

Earth & Ag Holistic Health Skin

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