In 2016, my brother and I graduated from our Masters together in Environmental Sciences and set off on a voyage around the World — sailing, kitesurfing and surfing from Brazil to Indonesia. 

We shared a board bag and a large backpack packed with camping equipment, two surfboards, three kitesurf sails, two kiteboards, repair equipment and a few items of clothing! We also had our #Reusable items: a water filter, two metal lunchboxes, two water bottles, two utensil kits and two coffee mugs. 

Basically: we didn't have much room left for body care (sunscreen, shampoo...) 

I quickly realized that in order to bring along an ultra lightweight herbal medicine kit and body care essentials, I had to create everything from scratch. And so I did ! 

Our friend Gabrielle sewed up a pouch and my sibling and I set off on our Journey with a first-aid & body care kit. The journey became the Zero Waste Voyage. One year later the kit has manifested itself into a social enterprise start-up, and ANATO launched! 

The Zero Waste Voyage is my personal journey to learning how to reduce my plastic footprint. For regular content on non-toxic skincare and ways we can tread lighter on the Earth, check out the Anato Blog


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