Zero Waste Voyage

In 2016, Céline and her brother graduated from their Masters together in Environmental Sciences and set off on a voyage around the World — sailing, kitesurfing and surfing from Brazil to Indonesia. 

They shared a board bag and a large backpack packed with camping equipment, two surfboards, three kitesurf sails, two kiteboards, repair equipment and a few items of clothing! They also had their #Reusable items: a water filter, two metal lunchboxes, two water bottles, two utensil kits and two coffee mugs. 

They didn't have much room left for body care (sunscreen, shampoo...) 

Céline quickly realised that in order to bring along an ultra lightweight herbal medicine kit and body care essentials, she had to create everything from scratch

Their friend Gabrielle sewed up a pouch and the siblings set off on their Journey with a first-aid & body care kit. The journey became the Zero Waste Voyage. One year later the kit has manifested itself into a social enterprise start-up, and ANATO has launched!