How to Participate in Forest to Face®

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How to participate in Forest to Face®How to participate in Forest to Face:

Approach skincare with a systems-thinking approach.

Do you really know where your ingredients come from, and where your product will go when it is used up? Does your skincare make you look and feel like the best version of yourself? 


Question the integrity of the business you are about to support.

⟡ Creating a product with non-toxic ingredients should be the bare minimum of a company’s moral code

⟡ Are they socially responsible? Are their profits being used to create a better world? Are their ingredients fair trade and ensuring healthy and safe working conditions?

⟡ What is this company doing to actively reverse climate change? 


Question what's on the label 

⟡ Dig into the “about” section on a company’s website - are they bettering our world through their business’ practices?

⟡ Is the company’s claim to be “green” and “natural” a distraction from its overtly not natural ingredient list? Greenwashing is far too common.

⟡ If the ingredient list has plants in it, do some research on these plants. Are they from regenerative farming practices or are they clear-cutting the Amazon to grow this crop for your beauty routine? Are these plants endangered? Learn what regenerative agriculture is here.

How was the packaging manufactured, and how will it be disposed of?

⟡ Is it reusable or compostable? Consider the packaging, label, shipping materials, etc

⟡ Remember that relying on recycling is NOT a great option.


Your purchases directly fund a business to either do harm or do good to our planet.

⟡ Buy AND GIFT products that are paving the way for a regenerative future. 

Why Forest to Face®?

Our products allow you to participate in Forest to Face® by supporting socially responsible skincare while helping to mitigate climate change. Not only do we support the farmers’ stewardship of the forest and forest-like agriculture through our sourcing, we also contribute to forest restoration with every purchase.

For Anato, the physical benefits of forest bathing revolve around the trees. Trees are a solution to climate change and they offer incredible and effective benefits for our skin. So we have taken it upon ourselves to gather and transform tree and perennial-based ingredients from ethical farmers and distributors into effective and socially responsible skincare. These farmers are growing our ingredients in forest-like agricultural systems. We bottle up these fresh and healthy forest ingredients and bring it to your face

skincare from trees

PS: For those that are already a part of our communiTree (you’ve already taken the quiz perhaps), go one step further by planting perennials. Plant a tree, or maybe a low maintenance herbaceous shrub. These trees and shrubs will bear fruits, nuts, medicine, meals, and fresh oxygen. Plan for your future and your children’s future. Check out our article on perennial gardening tips.


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