Are You Making this Common Cleansing Error?

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Make sure that your cleanser doesn't have any wax in it if you plan to layer another product afterwards. Anything with wax is an occlusive, meaning that it seals the skin. So if you are layering an oil on your skin after using an occlusive based cleanser, your oil is not being absorbed by your skin & is going to waste. Double check your cleanser's ingredient panel to make sure that you are not making this error. 


※ cera alba (beeswax) 

※ cera bellina 

※ candelilla 

※ carnauba

'Cera' is latin for 'wax'

Emulsifying wax is probably going to be most commonly used in a cleanser since they bind water & oil. Find out why occlusives, like waxes, are used in skincare.

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