Why your health depends on old growth forests

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 Old Growth forests...

↟ Are essential carbon sinks 
↟ Help maintain watersheds 
↟ Act as a natural barrier to wild fires 
↟ Are home to many endangered species 
↟ Are culturally & spiritually significant to ancestors of these lands

Biodiversity & Old Growth Forests Anato Life

Biodiversity that protects our Health

Perhaps most relevant to us humans is the importance of mature forests for global food security. Aka: what's on your plate. 
Old-growth forests, also referred to as 'primary' forests, directly impact agriculture because these mature forests are home to much biodiversity that has evolved in these complex ecosystems for thousands of years. For instance, Canada's Northern spotted owl will only nest in old growth forests. 

Why is biodiversity important for world-wide agriculture?
↟ Biodiversity helps protect crops against pests and disease, limiting our need for synthetic pesticides that we know are detrimental to our health. 
↟ Biodiversity helps maintain a diverse genetic pool that is relevant in the face of climate change. We'll need this large gene pool to breed crops that are more drought or flood resistant so that we don't need to rely on GMO. Genetic diversity that evolved NATURALLY from ancient ecosystems helps us adapt to the changing environment.

Putting these ancient trees in perspective... 

One of southern California’s oldest Giant Sequoias holds more leaves than there are people in China. It has stood since there were fewer people on Earth than live in modern Japan—more than 3,000 years. It was a seedling hundreds of years before Aristotle began tutoring Alexander the Great—and it is still living today. (Reference: National Geographic) 

Anato Founder why your health depends on old growth forests

From Anato Founder

When I began Anato I was interested in tree-planting as a solution to climate change. I still am, hence the incorporation of tree crops into our formulas. BUT more important than tree planting — and all the 'one tree planted' efforts — is preserving the last remaining stands of old-growth trees across the globe.

Living in California I am fortunate to experience some of the world's largest trees: 'Redwoods' (the tallest) and 'Giant Sequoia' (amongst the widest). As I stand below these trees that have been wounded by fire multiple times through their lifetime, my reverence for these resilient organisms continues to increase.

Harness the benefits of Forest Bathing & join Anato on our mission to restore and protect the forests that present us with endless positive benefits recognized by scientific literature...
↟ Increase your immune response 
↟ Decrease adrenaline, feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger 

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