Why waterless skincare?

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Manufacturers of creams and lotions use preservatives because it enables them to churn out masses of product with a high water content and low quality ingredients to make greater profit margins, and also to give their products a longer shelf life‘Aqua’ is often listed as the #1 ingredient in these kinds of products. 


Beyond organic - waterless hydration from skincare made from trees

A toxin issue:

By nature, lotions have water in them. Water is a host for bacteria and molds, so preservatives are used. Generally speaking, many preservatives are toxins that you do not want to build up in your body, nor in the earth.

Lotions also need emulsifiers and other ingredients that help with the texture. These ingredients are often not pure plants, and may be toxins. Find out why even 'natural' or plant-based toxins can be toxic for you.

So without sacrificing your skin, or the planet - go beyond an organic lotion by choosing waterless skin hydration instead.

Waterless skin hydration comes in the form of pure oils and balms. 


A plastic issue:

7.9 billion units of plastic containers were created for the cosmetics industry in the U.S alone, in a single year (according to Euromonitor International).

The very large majority of that cannot, or do not, get recycled properly. (Though we do have manual on how to recycle!) Many water-based products are designed not to last or to be used up fast (so that you have to go buy another one of their products) which leads to more and more plastic containers in landfills every year.


Anato considers the entire lifespan of a product, even its after life.

This means that on everyone of our product listings there is a tab full of information about how to recycle, reuse, or compost your product's container. And because our products are waterless, they are designed to last, meaning that only a few drops actually does go a long way.


Next time you are shopping for your skincare products, go waterless. For more tips on how to navigate green beauty → 

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