Responsibly sourced from living trees,
Anato crafts exquisite products that make your skin glow while the forests grow 🌳


We go 'beyond organic' by utilizing deep-rooted plants that sequester carbon. Our packaging is ‘low waste’ because in 2022 society can’t afford senseless excess. To encourage wellness, we provide 'before the bottle' tips because skincare is about way more than what you put on your face. Explore a recent blog post 'A winter skincare guide, ten approaches to skin resiliency'. We educate our CommuniTree about 'green myths' in the beauty industry. Here's a blog post on mica, which exposes the dark side of shimmery makeup, albeit 'natural'.  

Our French founder Céline was healed by forest medicine as a young girl, her response to this epiphany drives Anato's commitment to supporting regenerative ecosystems.

Exquisite & effective skincare doesn't have to come at the cost of our planet. - Céline Jennison