What is Forest Bathing?

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There is a forest bathing that can take place when you are not physically in the forest...

 ↟ A forest that exhales calmness and resilience into your very being. 

 ↟ A forest that clears your mind from the day-to-day. 

 ↟ This forest can tuck you in at bed time, and it can be a luxurious part of your morning routine. 

 ↟ It can give you the confidence you need to power through your day.

This - is what Forest to Face® skincare is all about.

Forest to Face®

So, why do you want convenient access to forest at any given moment? 

The obvious and more personal answer, is that the feeling of being immersed in a forest brings undeniable peace, contentment, and even feelings of awe and sublimity. That could be enough of a reason to keep a forest nearby.

The Science behind forest bathing

Science can further elaborate on the clear emotional benefits of relaxing in a forest atmosphere. A study in Japan analyzed the effects of forest bathing, or shinrinyoku, on the immune system and psychological health of humans (1). By measuring and comparing adrenaline and NK activity (immune response) in the participants’ routine lifestyle of work and home, and then in the forest, and then after forest bathing, strong results showed benefits of forest bathing:

The benefits:

↟ Immune response increased significantly not only during the forest bathing, but for an entire month afterwards. 

↟ Adrenaline was significantly decreased, as were feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. 

Studies show that forest bathing has a positive effect on your mood and the Immune systemAs a skincare line, we particularly found it interesting that these results are in large part due to the aromatherapy effects from the trees.

So yes - we strongly believe that honoring the forest, and bathing in its rejuvenating aromas are an important piece to both human and planetary health.

Why Forest to Face®?

Our products allow you to participate in Forest to Face® by supporting socially responsible skincare while helping to mitigate climate change. Not only do we support the farmers’ stewardship of the forest and forest-like agriculture through our sourcing, we also plant a tree for every purchase.

For Anato, the physical benefits of forest bathing revolve around the trees. Trees are the solution to climate change and they offer incredible and effective benefits for our skin. So we have taken it upon ourselves to gather and transform tree and perennial-based ingredients from ethical farmers and distributors into effective and socially responsible skincare. These farmers are growing our ingredients in forest-like agricultural systems. We bottle up these fresh and healthy forest ingredients and bring it to your face

Forest to face® is a direct and very literal form of forest bathing. 

Our products translate the trees’ beneficial properties directly onto your skin. Trees are resilient, wise, strong and beautiful. We aim to impart these characteristics into each of our products to give you glowing and healthy skin. As you inhale the tree-based aromas and massage tree and perennial-based ingredients onto your face, you experience a brand new kind of forest bathing. Our Tree Balm® is the perfect example of a skincare product that can transport you to the forest.

A Forest inside our products

A Forest Inside Our Products

Anato is here to elevate the social capital of trees through multi-use consumer products. We clearly demonstrate the utility of living forests and regenerative landscapes for daily life. So yes, there is a forest inside that bottle of serum, that jar of balm, and that tin of soap.

Every time you use an Anato product, you are participating in a zero-waste, systems-thinking, and regenerative agriculture revolution, and we thank you for that. 

We are here for the forest, and we are here for your face. 

https://anatolife.com/skinquiztreesPS: For those that are already a part of our communiTree (you’ve already taken the quiz perhaps), go one step further by planting perennials. Plant a tree, or maybe a low maintenance herbaceous shrub. These trees and shrubs will bear fruits, nuts, medicine, meals, and fresh oxygen. Plan for your future and your children’s future. Check out our article on perennial gardening tips.


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