Holistic Skincare: What is the root of your skincare complaints?

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Slathering on all the serums, all the face masks, and all the balms won’t necessarily get to the root of your skin complaints.

But getting to the root cause will provide a wide range of benefits...so what’s at the root of most skin complaints?

S T R E S S 

Stress can cause many issues that can be life disrupting. Keeping stress in check is something that is key for long term happiness and...healthy skin. Even just one simple yoga pose, for non-yogis and yogis alike can help alleviate stress, increase oxygen and blood flow, and thus make your skin G L O W. 

The secret to glowing skin through yoga is NOT about what the pose looks like - it is in the act of being present, calm, and taking deep breaths. 


Help relieve stress in 5 minutes:

⫸ Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart.

⫸ Feel all 4 corners of each foot on the ground.

⫸ As you inhale bring your arms up to the sky. 

⫸ Take a long, slow exhale through your nose as you bend your torso down over your legs with your arms extended forward and down. 

⫸ Bend the knees as much as needed to make the forward fold comfortable. Hands can rest on the ground, cradle the elbows, or rest on the thighs.

⫸ Release your head completely and let it hang there.

⫸ A slight sway of the torso can help to relieve tension.

⫸ Inhale & exhale here for 5 breaths. 


What does a forward fold do for your skin?

⫸ The inverted flow directs fresh blood and oxygen to the head and face.

⫸ The deep inhales and exhales relax your nervous system

⫸ When your head is lower than your heart, the rest & relaxation hormone is released, automatically helping to combat stress.

⫸ Stress relieving and calming activities have a myriad of benefits for your hormone system that affects skin health.


For more stress-relieving, skin enhancing tips from the inside out, check out our free Guide To Holistic Immunity.

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