Beyond Organic: Unique Ways to Revere The Earth

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Is opting for "organic" always the way to go? What lies beyond organic? Mother Earth is asking for us to go beyond organic by creating a truly regenerative culture.

Regeneration is what lies beyond organic.

Regenerative agriculture, and a regenerative lifestyle focus on rebuilding and repairing from damage while we create healthier standards to move forward. 

To be labeled USDA "organic" a product only needs to contain 95% organic ingredients. That leaves room for ingredients that may be damaging to the earth and to yourself. 

So if you choose a regenerative approach, the standards are beyond organic because they focus on a holistic, systems thinking approach to a healthy future. By rebuilding healthy systems from the ground up, we can create a progressive and thriving future. Find out how Anato's Forest to Face® model works hard not just for your face, but also for our planet

Here are some straightforward tips for living a life beyond organic.


SOURCE rightbuy from farmers that grow using biodynamic and or agroecological techniques. Source wild edibles that are harvested in a non-exploitive manner. Live by the rules 'Take only what you need and use everything that you take.' - from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

LEARN to ID a new plant in your hometown. Pick up a plant ID book at your local bookshop or keep one of our Tree I. D. Postcards handy to use when out in nature.

JOIN our friends @PlasticTides (our partner non-profit) and SIGN this petition for environmental justice - stop Formosa Plastic from building a mega-polluting plant that will devastate the town of St. James Parish, Louisiana. And that will produce plastic nurdles (pellets) that will be released down the Mississippi and into OUR OCEAN!

Oil CLEANSE: Opt out of water based products to introduce less toxins to your body and the planet. Oils get the job done, plus they have added benefits. Discover the benefits of switching to waterless skincare.

COOK with perennial plants: You are what you eat. Perennial plants are resilient and regenerate our planet’s health. Get our FREE e-cookbook that is loaded full of delicious perennial based recipes. 

 perennial plant cook book

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