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What breathing, the jaw & posture have to do with optimal facial form.

Hello dear listeners of the Wellness Considerations podcast, in this episode I have the joy of introducing you to osteopathic physician Dr Turzo, as we make connections between beauty, breathing, the jaw, posture and so much more. 

If you are new to the podcast, I recommend listening to episode 1 and episode 2 before this one, as they give a little more context than this introduction will, to my approach to holistic wellness, and why the skin is such an important piece of the tricky puzzle it can be to feeling great.


In this episode we’ll delve into what exactly is an Osteopathic Dr and how it is a parallel profession to that of an MD. In summary, Osteopathic Drs undergo similar training routes & residency to Medical Drs but Osteopathic Drs receive additional manual medicine training. So Dr Turzo practices internal medicine and addresses the neuro muskulo skeletal system.  

From personal experience I have found that Osteopathic Drs tend to have long patient intake forms like Naturopathic Drs (NDs) ask for, in order to get a broader picture of the patient. In addition, they tend to recommend herbal supplements and offer dietary guidelines like NDs but they can also prescribe standard prescription drugs (Rx). The key differentiating factor is that they incorporate a physical manipulation component when helping patients that I liken to a subtle chiropractic manipulation or massage. In addition, they observe the posture and other physical aspects, that is at the root of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) whereby practitioners examine the eyes, the tongue, the 'flow' of the pulse etc. 

In the episode, we also briefly go over the role of a Chiropractor and how an osteopathic Dr drastically differs in terms of medical training and accreditation. I have personally found that when it comes to physical manipulation of the skeletal system, an osteopathic Dr. is much more gentle than a chiropractor. 


On the Wellness Considerations podcast, we discuss how the skin is a reflection of what is going on inside and as it turns out, an osteopathic Dr. can look at someone’s external anatomy and immediately start to understand what may be the cause of internal imbalances. 

Many of you listening are interested in tips for longevity and a youthful glow. A key player in our body during a stressful situation is the vagus nerve and that’s where an osteopathic physician’s manipulations can significantly help tamper our fight or flight response in times of stress

In the context of Anato, my holistic skincare company, you might have heard us recommend the use of the dry brush for Lymphatic movement in past blog posts, and Dr. Turzo explains how osteopathic manipulation can help with lymphatic movement. 

Dr. Turzo's expertise lies in working with the jaw through a network of dentists and orthodontists. We'll cover the critical functions of nasal breathing, 'functional swallowing', and resting position of the tongue in the upper palate as the basis for optimal facial form and dental postural health. 

All things you would like to hear about for youthful brilliance, I'm sure !

Tune into the episode


Dr. Turzo's website: https://www.drtashaturzo.com/

Dr Turzo's book on the 'ALF method' where you can dive more into some of the topics we covered and understand the WHY behind crooked teeth, jaw pain, the importance of chewing ... https://www.drtashaturzo.com/alf-approach-book

Training for dentists & orthodontists: https://www.drtashaturzo.com/courses

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