Men's Health + Happiness: A Multiuse Face Oil + Forest Inspired Cocktail Recipe

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Men and skincare:

Forest to Face

≈ Men can be hard to shop for.

≈ Lots of men wish they smelled like the forest at all times.

≈ Colognes and aftershaves are often filled with synthetic and sometimes toxic ingredients. 

≈ Men deserve exquisite skincare made from trees, too!

Anato's solution: Woodlands pour homme - multiuse facial oil

Men's skincare. Multiuse zero waste face oil

With all this in mind, Anato has spent nearly a year alchemizing the perfect Forest to Face oil for men. This facial oil is multiuse, regenerative, and zero waste. Our perfectly formulated men's oil will ensure that the only odor you are giving off is that of the great outdoors. The delightful, woodsy aroma will truly knock your socks off! 

What's in this oil and how do the ingredients benefit your skin?

Health Benefits of Trees

Certified Organic: jojoba and baobab oils, essential oils: Cedrus atlantica, Pinus sylvestris, Picea mariana, Cinnamomum camphora. Pogostemon Cablin, Styrax spp.

≈ Balances skin  ↠  Jojoba oil has the neutralizing ability to limit excess oil production while still providing deep moisture for dry skin.

 Softens signs of aging ↠ Baobab can significantly help to tone, moisturize and increase elasticity - giving skin a soft and clear texture

≈ Calms acne, cuts, + scrapes ↠ The base oils and essential oils are packed with vitamins, minerals, an healthy fats that cultivate a healthy skin microbiome

≈ Absorbs effortlessly ↠ our U.S, Sonoran desert grown jojoba and baobab oils have remarkable chemistry that our skin easily drinks in

🌿 Our jojoba oil is grown and pressed from a family farm in the Sonoran desert. Read more about why jojoba is the best oil for all skin types.

Forest Inspired Cocktail Recipe

Crafted with edible trees and perennial plants, add this staple cocktail recipe to your #perennialkitchen ! Adapted from Amy Stewart's The Drunken Botanist.

Perennial Kitchen Cocktail Recipe with edible trees

Want more forest inspired recipes?

Check out our FREE seasonal cookbook, filled with perennial plants and edible trees.

Other treats for men:

Tree Balm to soothe all your most common skin irritations like chapped lips, congestion and even headaches. 

Black Cedar Soap = a deep cleaning, sudsy soap made from 100% trees.

Ocean Friendly Sunblock - especially loved by all the water sportsmen / sportswomen out there!

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