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I thought I’d share some highlights from the past year and involve you in what’s coming. This is an opportunity for me to ask you which topics interest you the most and which wellness tips you’d like the Anato team to research and share.

A few highlights from 2020—

⟡ We've formed some amazing partnerships with suppliers (regenerative farmers, wild harvesters...). And on that note, I was invited to be part of a year-long regenerative supply chain ‘think tank’ alongside 35 companies like Patagonia Provisions, Ikea and Kellogg's !

We launched 2 new products: Super Sanitizer and Woodlands pour homme that our CommuniTree has been loving. And we re-packaged our Tree Balm that our wholesale accounts are selling through fast !

⟡ We received just under 100 applications for our internship programs

⟡ On a bigger picture, for me personally, the last year has been spent deep diving into the systems in the business so I can better delegate. Undoubtedly the hardest thing for me as 'creative'.


What I’m learning to do:

⟡  internalizing that growing a company is about enjoying the process and not waiting to get to the destination. It’s about appreciating the products I get to formulate and test, the packaging that I get to co-design, the relationships I form with customers, the educational content I work on with the team.


⟡ I've come to accept that building a brand that can affect global agricultural supply chains takes an inordinate of time. Social media has often duped me with ‘overnight success stories’ which simply don't exist.


Just like in the forest, the slow-growing hardwood trees end up being the most resilient, apex species. But it takes time for them to grow. And the saplings encounter many impediments along the way - hungry deer, invasive species, lack of sunlight … 


What's to come for Anato—

⟡ A massive PR push and more collaborations

⟡ You'll also be seeing us in a lot more bigger e-commerce stores like @PackageFreeShop and @UncommonGoods

Podcast interview releases

How-to videos about our products



I'm grateful for our small but mighty team of amazing women (and man!) on a collective journey to regenerate the planet. I appreciate our interns and everyone who supports us — people leaving us nice comments about our newsletter, customers, friends & family with great advice, people willing to barter, fellow businesses who give us shout-outs...

And most of all, I am thankful for those of you who leave us fabulous reviews, telling us how Anato helped soothe your skin problems and helped you on your Zero Waste Voyage. 

Wrapping this up—

Please help us deliver content that you want to hear about this year: Which holistic wellness tips and resources to tread lighter on our Earth do you care most about?  

I’d really appreciate it if you could take 30 seconds to tick a few boxes here. We’ll thank you with 10 % off your next order.

Warm greetings from the tree where I'm perched writing this (just kidding, it's raining!),

 ~ Céline, founder of Anato

PS: Some of my favorite findings from 2020:

Favorite online tool: to organize thoughts, work with my team, and even keep track of house stuff (recipes, admin, reminders)→ Trello. 

Cool ‘wellness hack’: so you can still watch a movie/show but it doesn’t have to be on the same screen you’ve been staring at all day… → The mini Nebula Projector (size of a soda can)

A great show: all about living a more simple life and purging → marie kondo (yea it's on netflix)

Favorite book that everyone can benefit from: a book about focusing on 1 thing at a time to achieve goals → The ONe thing by Gary Keller (I’ve read it twice it's that good)

Fave documentary: Kiss the Ground → if you haven't seen it go watch it, you’ll have a better idea of why we work on regenerative agriculture, not just organic agriculture.


PPS: Shout out to Jane for her five ★★★★★ review “I have tried dozens of products in hopes of treating my chronic rosacea and dry skin. Finally I decided to give ANATO a try. This serum smells amazing and applies like a dream. Just a few drops does the trick! I am very happy to have found a quality, eco-friendly product that works : :) Thanks ANATO! ” 

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