You're ingesting plastic. whether you avoid it or not. 3 things you need to know

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A short blog post directing you to articles we think you aught to check out. 

1. We eat plastic.

Plastic is so ubiquitous in food items that we are eating thousands of pieces of plastic a year. (National Geographic)


Even if you're a total zero waste guru and you never use plastic packaging around food. You're probably inadvertently consuming it: 


2. We inhale plastic.

Plastics become microplastics. Think about those fluffy synthetic fiber seaters: they shed 'microfibers'.  And we are inhaling them ! (Science Direct)

Anatolife Skincare

Even if you only wear your grandma's old knitted wool sweaters and you don't have any synthetic clothes whatsoever. Unfortunately micrplastics are in the air


Why should we be concerned ? 

3. The chemicals in plastic could lead to some serious fertility issues in humans (and other issues..) 

Plastic leaches chemicals. The main nasty ones are endocrine disruptors, responsible for reproductive issues. Studies suggest a correlation between declining sperm counts and egg quality with endocrine disruptors found in plastic. 

Anatolife Skincare


Since plastic leaches from inside containers, our skin is our largest organ, and our skin absorbs particles & chemicals via dermal absorption: cosmetic packaging matters! Let's stick to plastic-free skincare packaging, yeah? 

By default, we offer PLASTIC-FREE shipping, cardboard packaging, glass bottles and metal or cork caps on all our products.

anato plastic free skincare

Want to get rid of plastics beyond the kitchen and the bathroom ? Check out this quiz for personalized advice on the next step on your Zero Waste Voyage. No matter where you are on the spectrum.  


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