Top 10 Low Maintenance, Low-Light House Plants

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10 Low Light House Plants | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

Your Regenerative Lifestyle

When you can’t live in the forest amongst the plants, you bring the plants into your home, right? (And, of course, into your skincare with Anato's Forest to Face® skincare line)

If you’re anything like us, you have tried time and time again to bring your favorite plant friends into your home. The multi-toned green shades of the plants soften the room, literally cleans the air, and adds texture to your home decor. Enhancing your life in this manner, with living, breathing plants, is a pillar in a regenerative lifestyle. The vibe in your house is more than just decor, it is added value, bringing you so many benefits.

Plants naturally live outdoors (well, duh) so bringing them indoors can be trickier than we want. Even if and when plants die, remind yourself - death is a natural part of any living thing’s cycle.

Though there are tricks to keep our planty babies healthy and happy.

Choose the right plants for your individual home

While there are so many factors to consider when choosing indoor plants for your home, the number 1 thing to consider is the quality of light and moisture. We need to remember, any plants’ natural environment is outdoors. So we want to do our best to match their native environment to where they will be living indoors.

This may mean that a part of your regenerative lifestyle includes misting your plants if they are from a humid habitat. Or maybe a habit in your regenerative lifestyle is to move a plant through out the year, so that it stays in warm location and avoids that winter draft coming in the door.

Living in the Santa Cruz mountains, my home is nestled under the redwood trees and we get very limited sunlight indoors. A part of my regenerative lifestyle is to chase the sun outdoors during the winter months, and yet another favorite hobby is finding the perfect house plant for the perfect location.

So this list of top 10 house plants reflects that by highlighting the plants that thrive with low light. Because these plants are not getting hit directly with much sun, they generally do not need to get watered frequently. This makes them pretty darn low maintenance too.  Each plant is specific though, - some like to dry out between waterings, and some like to stay moist. But keep in mind, “drying out between waterings” does not mean dehydrate and neglect, and “stay moist” does not mean drown the plant in stagnant water. We are going for a happy medium here, folks. Check each particular plants’ needs and don’t be afraid to move plants around within your house to find where they seem happiest. Because ultimately, when our plant babies are happy, we are happy.

Top 10 Low-Light Houseplants For Your Regenerative Lifestyle10 Low light house plants | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees


Pothos come in many different varieties, like Jade, Golden, Marbled or Neon. They like low to medium light and are incredibly hardy. Their vining growth makes them a a wonderful hanging plant that you drape around windows, the ceiling or walls. Sometimes called Devil’s Ivy, this plant can really grow anywhere - making it an awesome beginner plant!


Wandering the forest, you often see ground ivy creeping along in low-light conditions. This makes it a true shade lover that can handle minimal, indirect light. Ivy likes to get dried out between waterings.

10 Low light house plants | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

Snake Plant

With a bunch of awesome nicknames like snake plant, and mother-in-law's tongue, this baby does great with low to moderate light. This plant can handle a dry spell. The main way to kill them is by overwatering - so be careful not to.


In general, ferns like low light and decent humidity and moisture. Don’t let their soil dry out between waterings. A light mist of water on the foliage can create a humid environment for them to thrive. Staghorn ferns are one of my favorite because they can be found mounted on wood as a really beautiful and lush wall decoration.


This trendy houseplant with a long lasting flower can bloom in either red, white, or pink. Keep the soil consistently moist in a low to medium lit area.

Peace Lily

For those wanting a plant that flowers somewhat regularly, the peace lily is for you. Even in low light, she displays her beautiful yet modest white flowers. Just make sure to keep the soil moist and place her in a low to medium lit spot.

10 Low light house plants | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

Spider Plant

A classic houseplant that is also great for beginners, spider plants do best with indirect light. They make beautiful hanging plants and reproduce easy-to-propogate baby plants quite regularly. Their variegated leaves are beautiful adornment in your home.


With shades ranging from pinks to reds to purples to greens, Calatheas add a nice pop amongst your indoor plant collection! Though the lower the light, the less colorful they may be, they are still beautiful no matter what. They do well in low to medium light.

Rex Begonia

This begonia has unique, papery leaves doting a gorgeous purple and green hue. Let the soil dry out between waterings and keep it in a low to medium lit area within your home.

10 Low light house plants | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees


With many varieties all hailing from Africa, the “corn plant” or “dragon tree” are good beginner varieties. With a palm-like presence, these guys like decent humidity, so mist the leaves with water every now and then. Keep them out of direct sunlight, where their leaves may burn and turn brown.

Ok friends, hopefully this list inspires you to check out your local nursery or plant shop and fill your home up with green!

And remember, feel free to take pics of your plant babies and tag us at @anatolife! We love to see you and your happy plant family :)

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