Aphrodisiac Herb Infused Chocolate Truffle Recipe

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Beauty from the inside out 

Over the last few years, I have made these herb infused chocolate truffles for as many occasions as possible - but really, they are the epitome of a Valentine’s day treat. These decadent, homemade chocolate truffles are infused with aphrodisiac herbs like damiana and rose.  From the rich herbal infused ganache filling, to the cool outer shell sprinkled with just the right amount of salty crunch, these truffles make you feel beautiful from the inside out. 

anato life aphrodisiac chocolate truffle recipe with rose

What are aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are not just hocus-pocus witchcraft. They are a class of plants with specific physiological actions. Some of their actions include increasing blood flow by improving circulation, elevating your mood, or reducing stress. These actions allow you to drop in to your more sensual self, with heightened arousal, an elated mood, and less tension or racing thoughts. Many aphrodisiacs are quite tasty and some come from our favorite class of plants - perennialsRead this blog post to learn more about why perennials rock!

Taking the time to handcraft these herb infused chocolate truffles is a declaration to your love for perennial herbs, and an amazing excuse to indulge in your love for chocolate. 

anato life aphrodisiac chocolate truffle recipe with rose

 The recipe is adapted from Urban Moonshine and has endless variations. Follow the instructions closely to get the right consistency for the ganache and the coating, but other than that, let your creativity take over as you choose what herbs you want to infuse in the ganache filling. In honor of Valentines Day, we are sticking to aphrodisiac and aromatic herbs…

Ingredients for Aphrodisiac Herb Infused Chocolate Truffles:

- 20 oz of Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

- 1 cup of Heavy Cream or Coconut Milk

- ½ oz of dried Damiana 

- ½ oz of dried Rose petals

- 1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger root

- 3 crushed Cardamom pods

- Optional Toppings: Crushed pink peppercorn, pink himalayan sea salt, crumbled rose petals, and/or coconut shavings

anato life aphrodisiac chocolate truffle recipe valentines


Instructions for Herb Infused Chocolate Truffles

♥ Heat the cream or coconut milk in a heavy-bottomed pan. Watch closely, and as soon as it reaches a boil, remove from heat, add herbs, and cover. Let herbs steep for 15 minutes.

♥ Add 8 oz of finely chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips) to a large bowl. Strain the cream or coconut milk into this bowl using a sieve. As you catch the herbs in the sieve, press them to release all the extra liquid they have absorbed.  Stir the hot cream into the bits of chocolate until the chocolate is fully melted and you have your smooth ganache filling.

 Place this bowl into your freezer. You want the ganache to harden until it reaches the perfect consistency for rolling into balls. Check the mixture every 15 minutes and then more frequently as it gets closer to the right consistency - stiff yet workable.

 Wash your hands, line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and prepare to get messy!

 Take the ganache filling out of the freezer and roll balls about 1 inch in diameter. Place them on a lined baking sheet. Work as quickly as you can because the warmth of your hands will melt the ganache filling, making it more difficult to shape it into balls. Have a bowl of ice water nearby that you can cool your hands down in so the shaping is easier.

 Once all of the ganache is shaped into balls on the baking tray, place the tray back in the freezer for at least 20 minutes. (You can prep the ganache balls ahead and leave in the freezer until you are ready for the final couple of steps.)

 While the ganache balls harden back up, prep the chocolate coating by melting the remaining chocolate in a double boiler. I often place a heat proof bowl over a pot with water in it and let the steam from the water melt the chocolate.

 Prep the optional toppings by crushing and mixing them in a small bowl.

    anato life aphrodisiac chocolate truffle recipe valentines

     Remove the hardened ganache balls from the freezer. Once your chocolate coating is melted, use a toothpick to dip the ganache balls into the melted chocolate. Twirl it around to fully coat. I often use a spoon here for support and to get a nice swirl going. Let as much excess chocolate drip off as possible.

     Gently place the coated balls back onto the parchment paper. They may need a slight nudge to fall off the toothpick. Sprinkle the toppings on top of the hole from the toothpick to cover it up.

     After you have coated each ball and sprinkled it with your topping, you can place them back in the fridge to set for at least an hour.

     Enjoy slowly and savor each bite. Drooling is normal, as is the urge to keep them all for yourself, but we highly recommend sharing. 

      Recipe Note: 

      Not into the aphrodisiac herbs? Swap out the damiana, rose, ginger, and/or cardamom for other perennial plants. Have fun getting creative and trying out different combinations.

      ♡ Lavender  - for calming and stress relieving properties

       Peppermint - for a refreshing and delicious treat

       Cinnamon - for a warming, spiced addition

       Orange peel - for an uplifting citrus flavor

          anato life aphrodisiac chocolate truffle recipe valentines

          The aroma of our Regenerative Elixir will transport you to a sunshine filled flower garden. 

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