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There is a forest that can live in your house, in your purse, in your shower or next to your bed.

A forest bathing that can take place when you are not physically in the forest. 

A forest that exhales calmness and resilience into your very being. 

A forest that clears your mind from the day-to-day. 

This forest can tuck you in at bed time, and it can be a luxurious part of your morning routine. 

It can give you a 2 minute break from work and it can give you the confidence you need to power through your day.

Forest to face honors the trees and the farmers.

Trees are the solution to our planet’s dire situation and they offer incredible and effective benefits for our skin. So we have taken it upon ourselves to gather and transform tree and perennial-based ingredients from ethical farmers and distributors into effective and socially responsible skincare. These farmers are growing our ingredients in forest-like agricultural systems.. We bottle up this fresh and healthy forest and bring it to your face.

Forest to face is a direct and very literal form of forest bathing. 

Our products translate the trees beneficial properties directly onto your skin. Trees are resilient, wise, strong and beautiful. We aim to impart these characteristics into each of our products to give you glowing and healthy skin. As you inhale the tree-based aromas and massage tree and perennial-based ingredients onto your face, you experience a brand new kind of forest bathing. 

Forest to Face is about more than just your face. It is a business model.

The beauty industry is begging for a revolution. It is a huge contributor to single-use NON-recyclable plastic.  In fact, of the 8300 million metric tons of virgin plastic that has been produced, only 9% ever gets recycled. 

Anato is starting this revolution and approaching consumerism from a systems-thinking perspective. Our business model mimics the natural forest ecosystem: it's regenerative and produces no waste. Our ingredients and our packaging would both agree: What better role-model than the forest?

We know our fellow forest bathing junkies want to be a part of this revolution, so we offer easy and effective solutions. You want exquisite and effective skincare and you also want to help the environment. Our Forest to Face products allow you to purchase socially responsible skincare while helping to reverse climate change. Not only do we support the farmers’ stewardship of the forest and forest-like agriculture, but we also plant a tree for every purchase.

We make your skin glow, while we make the forests’ grow. 

So yes, there is a forest inside that bottle of serum, that jar of balm, and that tin of soap. Every time you use an Anato product, you are participating in a tree-revering, zero-waste, systems-thinking focused revolution, and we thank you for that. 

We are here for the forest, and we are here for your face. 

So yeah, I think you could say that makes us truly Forest to Face.

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