New Year's Resolutions for Your Zero Waste Voyage

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Happy New Years Anato Fam!

We hope you have kicked off 2020 in an invigorating manner.

Do you all love the feeling of a fresh start as much as we do? 

This year in particular we are feeling a deep calling for some serious refreshers. Fires are raging through Australia, the Amazon was devastated (more than normal) this past year, and the planet’s youth is actively speaking up about reversing climate change. 

These fires are firing us up.

The dying trees are awakening us to radical changes.

Do you also feel this yearning for transformation?!

Our Zero-Waste lifestyle list is to remind us, just as much as it is to remind you, of the most practical ways to pursue a Zero Waste Voyage. This voyage can serve as a multifunctional way to transform both your life, and the state of the planet.

We hope you join us on this journey for making the coming decade the one in which we reverse climate change through systems thinking, minimalism, regenerative agriculture, plastic-free skincare and lifestyle, and more perennial crops in our diets. Is that asking too much?!? :)

Our Top 7 Zero-Waste Resolutions for 2020

Anato ZeroWaste Tip | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

1) Focus grocery shopping on unpackaged items

    • Think fresh produce and the bulk bins for grains, legumes and all the other staples
    • This not only reduces plastic and disposable packaging, it will help keep you on track for healthier eating habits.

Anato Zerowaste Tip | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

2) Keep a set of tupperware and utensils in the car

    • Find a home for this travel set in your car and turn this into a habit. The convenience of eating out can happen when you least expect it. Portions are usually way bigger than you need and it is so easy and efficient to take leftovers home in your own clean tupperwares. You will eliminate lots of plastic waste by saying no to disposable plastic-ware.
    • Check out utensil options and food storage containers at Life Without Plastic.

Anato Black Cedar Soap | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

3) Switch to bars of soap rather than plastic bottled body wash

    • This one is so easy and saves so much non-recyclable plastic!
    • Check out Anato’s delicious and sudsy Black Cedar Soap.

Zerowaste Tip | ANATO LIFE regenerative_zero waste skincare from trees

4) Always use the reusable water bottle and coffee mug

    • Keep this in your car so you never need to purchase plastic water bottles or use the coffee shop’s disposable options
    • Having a re-fillable water bottle with you at all times also means you end up drinking more water!
    • Check out the options at Life Without Plastic

5) Switch to using beeswax food wrap instead of aluminum foil and seran wrap

DIY beeswax food wraps_ anato life

6) Cut up old T-shirts, clothes, and towels into rags

    • Not only does this prevent your old clothes and towels from ending up in a landfill, it also replaces paper towels
    • Or check out these awesome copper cleaning cloths from Life Without Plastic to steer clear from purchasing conventional plastic sponges. 

7) Invest in Cloth Napkins 

    • No more paper napkins or paper towels, please.

We feel that 7 Zero-Waste tips is a reasonable number to strive for. Most of them cost little or zero money, and simply replace older more wasteful habits with newer zero-waste habits!

So where do you start?

Review the list and choose even a single step in the right direction. There is no need to overwhelm yourself. We hope that the majority of these steps are achievable and practical. Do what feels most achievable for you! We made a quiz to help you narrow down the best and most realistic step for your personal zero waste voyage. Take it here.

P.S And for the new moms out there - check out our blog post A Minimal-Waste Voyage Into Motherhood.

Anato's Top 7 Zerowaste Resolutions for 2020 | Regenerative Skincare from Trees

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