Multiuse Skincare: 14 Ways to Use Your Baume Réparateur

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What is the Baume Réparateur?

 Baume Réparateur translates from French to English as repairing balm and that is exactly what this balm does. From repairing cracked and dried skin, to soothing blisters and cuts and scrapes, this balm is a pillar of multiuse skincare.

The base oils and butters, and the herbs infused into this product work magic on the skin - and it has quickly become a favorite amongst our communiTree of Anato enthusiasts. Perennial plants like rosemary, comfrey, thyme, and plantain have antimicrobial activity and can speed up the healing and corrective process of the skin.

Why multiuse skincare?

Rooted in multi functionalism and minimalism, the Baume is gifted with so many different uses. When you are on the go and want to pack light, this Baume is IT! 

Beyond organic, lies regenerative agriculture and zero waste. When a single product can take the place of many products, you are reaping so many rewards. 

Saving money - multiuse skincare serves more than one function, so you will cut down on how many products you need to buy.

Conserving resources - like packaging, and resources that go into production

⟡ Doing your skin a favor - a true multiuse skincare product like the Baume is loaded with perennial plants (from regenerative farms) that have a myriad of benefits for you! Every ingredient in the baume serves a direct purpose for your skin's health - there are no filler ingredients! See our product details & benefits here.

14 Uses of the Baume Reparateur by Anato Regenerative Skincare

1) Dry Hands 

Perhaps the most overt use of our Baume Réparateur - dry, cracked skin and lips is pretty much exactly what this baume was formulated for! 

2) Makeup Remover

A hydrating way to remove makeup: Massage some baume over the makeup, and wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. Be sure to not get the baume in your eyes.

Makeup Removal Using Baume by Anato Regenerative Skincare

3) Sunblock Remover

Whether you are using our Ocean Friendly Sunblock, or a different brand, always remember to remove it after a long day out in the sun. Simply massage some Baume onto your skin, and wipe off with a warm, damp cloth.

4) Dry Feet

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Compound the benefits of foot massage with the Baume Reparateur and you will have relaxed, ache-free, and moisturized feet.

Anato Repair Balm Great for Dry Skin

5) Balm Cleanser

Have you ever used a balm cleanser? They are divine! It is like an oil cleanser, only a bit more hydrating

How to: Massage a pea-sized amount onto dry skin. Soak a washcloth in warm water and press over face. Repeat. Gently wipe face and pat dry.

6) Nostrils

Yes - the nostrils are a surprisingly delightful place to apply the baume! With clean hands - apply some of the baume to the inside and outside parts of your nostrils. Not only will the olive oil and shea butter soothe any dryness, the herbs will work wonders to help clear out stuffiness and ward off any pathogens.

Multi-Purpose Baume by Anato Regenerative Skincare

7) Chest Rub for a Cold

The strong aromatics of the infused herbs and the essential oils may bring relief to a tight or congested chest. Massage a dollop on the neck and chest before a bath, a shower, or before bed.

Thyme Benefits by Anato Regenerative Skincare

8) Cuticle Cream

Soften those rough cuticles, and bring overall health to your nails by using the Baume Reparateur as a cuticle cream.

9) Sore Muscle Balm

Rosemary helps with circulation, chamomile is a known anti-inflammatory, and lavender is soothing. Massage the Baume onto a sore neck, tight shoulders, or overworked muscles to bring some relief. 

Steam Inhalation by Anato Regenerative Skincare

10) Steam Inhalation

Out of essential oils? Feeling congested or have a headache? Drop a pea sized amount of the balm into a pot of steaming water. Drape a towel over your head and create a little steam tent for you to inhale the clearing and healing aromas of the herbs! [check out this video for a demonstration]

Aromatherapy with Anato tree Balm and Baume

11) Solid Perfume

A gender-neutral, lingering scent! Solid perfumes stick to the skin for a longer lasting, delightful smell. Try massaging some on the neck or inside of the wrists.

12) Bath Hydration

For the hardcore Baume fans, try adding a good table-spoonful of Baume to your bath. The hot bath water will drive the moisturizing effect and herbal benefits deep into the skin

Bath Mask by Anato Regenerative Skincare

13) Cuts, scrapes, and blisters

Keep those minor cuts & scrapes infection free and promote their healing by providing them with herbal support via the Baume Réparateur. Use it much like an antiseptic ointment.

How does the Baume do so much? We owe it all to the whole-plant ingredients found inside.

14) Insect Repellant

Interestingly enough, some of the essential oils and infused herbs are natural insect repellants (rose geranium for example). Certain plants emit strong odors, via their natural essential oils, as a means to ward off pests. We harness this nifty trait when we add plants into our body care. A solid insect repellant, such as the Baume, rather than a spray, will adhere to the skin longer for longer lasting results.


Nutritive Powerhouse Olive Oil found in our Baume

Olive Oil

One of the richest plant sources of squalene - which is a natural part of our skin’s sebum. As we age, or if our skin is dry, our squalene content is compromised. Applying topical squalene brings some of the deepest, most recognizable moisture for our skin. Additionally, it supports our skins’ role as a protective barrier to environmental stress, helps to deliver oxygen and remove waste from the skin, and is rich in phytosterols which further attract moisture & prevent sun-induced damage*. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter has a history rich in use - from arthritis, to irritated & dry skin. The butter is high in cinnamic acid (a powerful antioxidant) and Vitamin E, and has the ability to increase circulation and oxygenation to the applied tissues More fresh oxygen in the tissue means waste is removed and irritated skin is cleared out. Shea improves the skin’s elasticity while providing protection from harsh or dry environmental conditions*.

Herbal Infusion

Rosemary, thyme, lavender, chamomile, and oregano are all infused into the product for their potent antioxidant, antimicrobial, and soothing properties. Goodbye redness, inflammation, and damaged skin cells. Hello to supple, radiant skin!

Perennial Essential Oils

This proprietary blend is what makes this Baume smell SO darn good! Each of these essential oils also offer anti-microbial, and healing properties. Healing plants are a pillar in regenerative, multiuse skincare. Why do we only use perennial plants in this blend? Because perennials rock, and go a step beyond organic.

* Parker, Susan. (2014) Power of the Seed.


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  • I like to use the Baume to put some shine in my hair. A little (<1ml) dab emulsified in damp hands and hair keeps the dull drab out.

    Michael Tripoli on

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