Youthfulness Tips (part 2)

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In this blog we discuss youthfulness tips for two skin types: mature skin and acne-prone skin as well as some youthfulness tips that work for all skin types. 

For mature skin: HYALURONIC ACID

Anato Forest to Face Kelp Mask

Hyaluronic acid: a trendy skincare ingredient renowned for its ability to give you YOUTHFUL SKIN.

Did you know your skin produces its own hyaluronic acid? There are ways we can encourage our bodies' innate ability to produce this age-defying substance. Increase your consumption of magnesium containing foods & incorporate skincare products rich in magnesium, such as our Kelp Mask.

For acne prone skin

Anato Forest to Face Skincare Baume Repareteur

Don’t use face wipes! Yep - they spread bacteria from one place on your skin to another.

Instead, use a clean cotton round with a small dollop of ANTIMICROBIAL Baume Reparateur to gently remove excess oil and dirt from the face.

Holistic Skin Tips

For all skin types 

Anato Forest to Face ocean friendly sunblock

You can eat your sun protection!
You read that right ! You can consume foods that assist your body in resisting UV-induced damage.
The right foods, paired with our Ocean Friendly Sunblock, will help you protect your skin all summer long.

Recipe for a sun protection smoothie

The benefits of a facial massage to keep your skin youthful: 

Learn various techniques of face massage in our blog

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