Facial Massage for Youthful Skin

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How do you achieve youthful skin with facial massage?

We have all the answers for you.

⟡ What? Facial massage techniques

⟡ Why? For youthful, vibrant skin

⟡ How? It increases blood flow & oxygenation

⟡ Which? Discover which type of massage is best for your skin below


The benefits of massage.... 

Facial massage techniques at home

When it comes to facial massage it's really about activating certain facial muscles that we don't otherwise use. Massaging with your finger pads serves as the perfect gentle exfoliation for almost all skin types.

Here are 3 different techniques to achieve youthful skin that you can easily do yourself in the comfort of your own home. No need for a masseuse. 

 Facial Massage Techniques

⟡ Jade Roller

Recommended for Puffiness or Dull Skin

Store your roller in the fridge. On a clean face, apply some serum. Take the jade roller and with light steady pressure roll from the center of your face outwards.  

Focus on each part for about 15 seconds (cheeks, chin, forehead, neck).

⟡ Gua Sha

Recommended for Sagging or Wrinkles

Apply serum or baume to your face and neck. Place the curved side of the instrument on your neck and gently glide the gua sha in an outward & upward motion.

Repeat each spot 3-5 times, moving up from your neck to forehead. 

⟡ Hand Massage

Recommended for Fine Lines, Dry or Rough Skin

With a few drops of serum or baume massage wherever it feels good, focusing on points of tension like the upper jaw, and temples.


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