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Cleans your face at night with Anato forest to face skincareYour older self will thank you.

If you were to ditch all skincare regimens and just do one thing, it would have to be oil cleansing. 

 'Washing your face' at the end of the day isn't just about removing make-up— as many of you don't wear make-up on a regular basis— it's about removing the day's dust, grime,  pollution, sunblock, transpiration ... 

You want to go to bed with your skin rid of impurities so that it has the breathing space (literally) to do what it does best at night: regenerate. 

In its most simple form, oil cleansing involves splashing your face with warm water, using any organic kitchen oil you have on hand, placing it on a moistened cotton round, and cleansing your face gently in a circular motion. Coconut oil, olive oil or even grass-fed ghee work well but I don’t recommend avocado oil, nut oils or hemp oil because they go rancid very quickly and you want antioxidants on your face, not oxidative stress!!

Warm water → gets rid of water-soluble grime

Oil → gets rid of oil-soluble grime

At Anato, our oil of choice is golden jojoba oil (read more about it here) because it is lightweight and suitable for all skin types— that’s why it's present in most of our products. 

More to come on an oil cleansing in an upcoming podcast, stay tuned!

If you aren't familiar with our take on the controversial face-washing topic in dermatology, read on about why washing your face with soap disrupts your skin's hydrolipidic barrier

Why no soap for face-washing?

Anato forest to face skincare review: A glorious multipurpose oil!Oil cleanse with Anato forest to face skincare

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