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Our passion at Anato is to empower you with holistic wellness knowledge so that you can ultimately care for your skin from the inside-out. 

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Who's teaching ?  

Hi, I'm Céline the founder & chief Alchemist at Anato. I hold an undergraduate degree in plant science from Cornell University with a specialization in soil science, and an MPhil from University of Oxford where I undertook research in restoration agroforestry. (View recent peer-reviewed work here).

I've been studying ethnobotany independently for twenty years with an emphasis on herbal cosmetic formulation and dermatology over the last five years.

I am passionate about the interconnection between the soil & skin microbiomes and continue to devour scientific papers assessing the ancestral use of plants and their topical applications. 

Having recovered from an immune deficiency at the age of ten, I understood the role of nutrition to help cure chronic health conditions at a very young age. This interest has evolved into exploring the connection between nutrition, internal imbalances and their cutaneous manifestations

View my bio '20 years of plant passion' (in pictures) here

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