Hair (condition + shine) apothecary recipe

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Back in 2017...

Anato was started by our founder, Céline Jennison. For the very first prototype of products, she created simple zero waste packaging for the product that we have all come to love, the Zero Waste Voyager Kit. A lot has changed since those early days, and since then we have spent many hours thinking about all aspects of leading a regenerative business...ingredients & formulas first... and then endless hours creating packaging that is as low waste as possible. The first prototypes had a small ANATO paper sticker, followed by a hand-cut paper label with ingredients. Glass, metal, cardboard ... all have their downsides. We've had to trouble shoot 'greasiness', leaks, scratches, and dings. We ended up with screen-printed jars & bottles because of the downsides of PLA (corn) compostable labelsWe are on a mission to protect our earth and provide the most wholesome products for your skin since 2018 and forever.  

Get the exclusive recipe...

One of our early products was an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse.


This product mixed with essential oils is a great way to: 

 Nourish the scalp  Boost shine ⚘ Strengthen hair  Cleanse without stripping natural oils

All without the downsides of parabens & chemicals that are found in conventional hair care products. Try the recipe at home! Céline's favorite herbs to use in this recipe are mint & lavender ⚘

Hair shine recipe

RECIPE NOTE: For a more fresh & herbal aroma (vinegar does smell strong!) you can add 5 drops of mint or lavender essential oils to your vinegar rinse.  

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