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Autumn is in full swing and you may want to update your skinCARE. During this season the skin needs to regenerate to face winter: 

⚘ Exfoliate to regenerate

In the summer the skin thickens to avoid dehydration, especially if you get very tan. This thickness disappears little by little through the autumn and skin imperfections have a tendency to resurface. Remember how I carried on about the usefulness of aloe vera in the summer? Turns out this perennial succulent is useful in the winter too, to give you skin a little glow.  Aloe vera’s folic acids and salicylic acids work as gentle exfoliants [1] which you can massage onto your skin in conjunction with a clay-based product like our hydrating kelp forest mask & polish.  

⚘ Balms to nourish (& a trick)

After exfoliating, your skin desires fatty acids for their emollient properties [2]. It’s the time of year for baths!

Add a dollop of coconut oil or herbal balm (like our baume réparateur) to your hot bath to instantly coat your skin in a thin emollient layer. It’s my special trick to speed up the process of having to apply body lotion all over, especially if I’m in the dry mountain air where moisturizing my skin is a non-negotiable. 

⚘ Prepare for the winter 

Your skin will be happier in the winter months if you ingest plants rich in vitamins A and E. Think about having a colorful plate with ruby beets, orange squash, yellow lemon, fuchsia pomegranate… And if you haven’t come across it yet— organic (sustainably grown) red palm oil (not an affiliate link) is a saturated fat that contains THE HIGHEST LEVELS of vitamin A and E of any oil [3]. Check out this blog post for more notes on food sources of vitamin E and what to watch out for. 

⚘ It's the season to treat brown spots!

Autumn is also a good time to treat hyperpigmentation (those pesky brown spots) which we cover in this blog post




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