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Zero Waste Brand, Package Free, highlights Anato products & packaging on their Instagram account. 

Zero Waste Packaging

Did you know that every year the cosmetic industry creates 120 billion units of packaging? Nearly all of those units head to landfills after the bottles hit empty! 😡

At Package Free, we carry Zero Waste, all natural skin care products that are good for people + the planet!


Baume Réparateur

Say goodbye to crowded medicine cabinets that spill out when you open them! 👋 With this Baume Réparateur, less is more...because one product gets it all done!

This all in one Baume Réparateur replaces antiseptic ointments, moisturizing creams, makeup removers, chest rubs, and insect repellants. Wow!

Chock full of powerful ingredients like certified organic olive oil, shea butter, candelilla & laurel waxes, and lavender, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils, this Baume Réparateur is restorative. 

When applied, this all natural Baume Réparateur moisturizes, accelerates scar healing, and soothes. We love to see it. 😍

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