My Top 5 Working From Home Tips

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Wow Covid-19 - talk of the new decade so far. Doesn't it feel like the Earth has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we've done ?! 😳

I thought I'd share a few working from home tips, since I've worked a lot from home over the last 2 years as an entrepreneur for my Forest to Face® skincare line.

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Top 5 working from home tips

1. Be protective of your 'no-distractions' work time. Tell your family (including kids!) that if the door is shut, that means no disturbing, especially if fingers are typing on the keyboard ! 

2. Avoid eating lunch while working on the computer. If you need a distraction, consider downloading an audiobook to listen to. (I just finished an inspirational book by Marie Forleo titled 'Everything is figuroutable' — it's a timely title too... ) 

3. Walk & talk ! For many of us, the gyms are closed and it's tough to get our regular exercise in. For the last week I've been using the app Calendly to reach out to my friends and seamlessly find a time to catch up. It allows you to share which blocks of time you're free without sending 20 messages back and forth. It integrates with all sorts of apps like google calendar. 

4. Routine remains important. I'll be sharing more on this on instagram @AnatoLife in the coming weeks. My go-to, especially when the day ahead seems overwhelming is to write down the things I feel grateful for. It's a grounding practice that helps me feel accomplished even if I've just gotten out of bed! 

5. Find a spot, besides your kitchen counter to use as your office. Having a separation between where you do your computer work and where you eat your meals is SO important ! Out of all the working from home tips, this one is was the biggest game changer for me. Create that special spot for yourself — whether it's a pop-up table you usually use for parties, or a make-shift nook in the living room. I live in an RV and my home-office is a foldable table on the passenger seat ! (no I'm not joking! ). You can see for yourself @ZeroWasteVoyage :) 

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Stay productive ! 

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-Céline, founder & CEO of Anato 

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