How To Be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic That No One is Talking About

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How To Be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic by Anato Regenerative Skincare

Common sense seems to be flooding our prevention techniques. 

Wash your hands. 

Stay clear of sick people.

Stay home and rest when you are sick. 

Eat your fruits and veggies. 

Use hand sanitizer when out and about.

How to be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic by Anato Regenerative Skincare

All great reminders in this time of a mounting pandemic.

And then there are the preparation techniques that really make our future feel formidable. Let's talk about how to be self sufficient.

Stock up on two weeks’ worth of groceries.

Have your prescription medicine in place for a month.



Avoid public gatherings.

Cancel unnecessary travel plans. 

All sage advice from global experts.

But what if there is one way to prepare for a pandemic that no one is talking about? What if there is a systems-thinking approach that can prepare you for long-term food supply, long-term immune support, and necessary stress-relief?

How To Be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic by Anato Regenerative Skincare

Growing our own food and medicine is a healing activity in and of itself. Food as medicine: 


Growing our own food heals the earth, satiates your hunger, and supports your immune system via stress relief and anti-microbial, anti-viral properties. In the long-term you can save money from groceries and medicines, and reduce your amount of trips to the grocery store and pharmacy!

Growing our own food and medicine has the potential to give you daily or weekly fresh vegetable and fruit harvests, herbs that can stock up your medicine cabinet with immune-supporting capabilities, and serve as an activity to ease a worried mind, reduce stress levels, and instill peace and self-sufficiency. This is food as medicine and self sufficiency. 

City dwellers can partake with advantageous container gardens on a windowsill or balcony. Those with a yard can choose a garden bed, container gardens, or dig directly into the earth.

Growing your own food and medicine is for anyone and everyone.

Even a single pot of lavender growing by your window is better than growing nothing at all.

You do not need to be a veteran farmer or a botanist to have a couple of invaluable plants growing at your home. A 1 gallon pot of oregano, rosemary, thyme, or lavender are all some of our favorite regenerative foods that can serve as food and medicine for years. These plants can be added to your culinary creations, to your teas, and to your herbal medicine cabinet. You can use them fresh, or you can dry and jar them for later us. 

Plant Ideas to Inspire Self-sufficiency in the home garden:

How To Be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic by Anato Regenerative Skincare

Fruit Trees 

For the long term thinkers with enough space for a large container pot or a enough space in their yard. Once established, fruit trees can require minimal care and effort besides an annual pruning and potentially some watering in the dry season. Having fresh fruit packed with vitamins and minerals is a great way to be prepared for a pandemic.

Leafy Greens

For a nutritious punch, leafy greens are an easy plant for beginners and vets alike. From arugula, to kale, to lettuces and chards, there are so many options! Choose something with a high yield for optimum harvests during a pandemic.


Many herbs like oregano, thyme, sage, mints, rosemary, and lavender have antimicrobial and immune supporting properties. They are generally easy to grow and do well by window sills or on balconies. Not only do they add fresh flavor to foods, they also impart their health properties into your meals or teas. This is a great way to use food as medicine. A fresh cup of lavender and oregano tea can feel so warming and healing during a bout of malaise. 


Many flowers, like calendula, borage, echinacea, passionflower, and red clover, can all brighten up your day while serving as food and medicine. Calendula tea is considered anti-fungal while passionflower tea can be used to aid in restful nights. Growing flowers is a great way to be self sufficient and be uplifted by their beauty.

How To Be Self Sufficient During A Pandemic by Anato Regenerative Skincare

Medicinal Plants 

Have you heard of nettles, dandelion, chamomile or lemon balm? All have been considered weeds at some point in time in varying regions. But guess what? The label of “weeds” means that they are persistent and easy to grow! And guess what again?! They are all packed with medicinal value!

No matter what you choose to grow, even if it is just one single plant, it will serve as a portal into a healthier world for you and your family. Eating homegrown foods and drinking homegrown teas undoubtedly provide you with superior nutritional value. Indoor plants add an undeniable element of peace and vibrancy to your home. And working in a garden reduces cortisol levels and serves as a heart-healthy activity. 

DIY Microgreens

How to sprout your own micro greens, how to be self sufficient

Remember, in times of a threatening pandemic, there are steps we can take to be in control of our health and surroundings. 

Tying it all together

As a regenerative skincare line, we can’t help but mention the important role our skin plays in immunity. Our skin is the very first point of contact we make with the outside world - be it germs, surfaces, sunshine, or even friends. It acts as a physical barrier between outside pathogens and our inner selves. With healthy, well moisturized skin, the barrier function can act most effectively in protecting us. Stay hydrated, stay moisturized, and take the time to pamper your skin with beneficial plant-infused products. 

Want to learn more about holistic immunity?

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