What is an armpit detox? Switching to natural deodorant

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Switching your diet from conventional, processed foods, to organic, whole foods is a big transition. Same goes for the transition between conventional beauty products and green beauty!  That's why we recommend an armpit detox - especially when you are switching to a natural deodorant from a conventional one.

armpit detox

Who could benefit from an armpit detox?

⟡ Anyone with a long history of using aluminum-based deodorants. (Read more about the toxic cosmetic industry and how to transition to green beauty.)

⟡ Anyone who wants their body odor to smell better.

⟡ Those wanting to switching to natural deodorant from conventional deodorant.

⟡ Those who use natural deodorants but feel like they aren’t as effective as they would like them to be.

    what is an armpit detox?

    What the heck is an armpit detox?

    Detoxifying your armpits from long-term use of aluminum filled deodorants is a growing trend for a good reason. Conventional deodorants temporarily block the pores in our armpits from releasing nasty toxins. Often, when people are switching to a natural deodorant, things can get uh, pretty unpleasant, as our bodies are finally releasing some of these built up toxins.

    Benefits of an armpit detox as you transition to natural deodorant:

    ⟡ Clears out the smelly, icky stuff that has been trapped inside.

    ⟡ Helps natural deodorants work better

    ⟡ Provides a routine detox for those that regularly use conventional deodorant, which is important as there are correlations between aluminum based deodorants and breast cancer (1). 

    ⟡ Overall makes your pits less stinky

      Most armpit detoxes involve making a mask out of bentonite clay and water or apple cider vinegar. We recommend taking it one step further by incorporating seaweed into the mask - and we make it easy peasy with our multifunctional Kelp Forest Face Mask.

      How to armpit detox…

      what is an armpit detox?

      ⟡ Step 1: Get yourself a bottle of our multifunctional mask that can go on your pits AND your face. (Though don't mix up where you apply to first!)

      ⟡ Step 2: Mix ½ teaspoon of oil, apple cider vinegar, or water with ½ teaspoon of the mask to make a paste. 

      ⟡ Step 3: Apply the paste onto your pits (and face, while you’re at it!) and let it sit for 5-20 minutes.

      ⟡ Step 4: Rinse off in the shower or with a washcloth over the sink.

      ⟡ Step 5: Repeat for 3 days in a row. Then continue this ritual weekly. 

        Why you should armpit detox with seaweed:

        Seaweed’s myriad of health benefits are no secret, and its ability to draw out toxins and heavy metals is one of it’s coolest capabilities (2). But it’s not just about what seaweed draws out, its about what it puts in. Seaweed is a sponge for deep sea minerals, it is rich in iodine which is critical for thyroid health, and it has high levels of magnesium - a mineral that an estimated 50% of the female population is deficient in (3).

        Try an armpit detox with our Kelp Forest Face Mask & Polish

         Other ways to incorporate more green beauty in your life: 

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        ↠ Green beauty focuses on non-toxic ingredients and non-toxic packaging. Say no to single use plastic. Support compostable packaging and labeling. Choose multiuse skincare products!

          Quick note from our founder, Céline

          Hi there, have you tried a bunch of natural deodorants but they seem to stop working after a while ? I know, I've been there. If that's your situation, send me a note letting me know what you've tried and I'll offer some suggestions for you switching to a natural deodorant.


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          FDA DISCLAIMER: 

          Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. 


          what is an armpit detox ?

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