We believe in people & planet — in addressing both environmental and societal issues. 

Body Care. The skin is our largest organ, it does not have a filtration system like the liver. We should feed it with creams and balms that we would ingest! The current mass-cosmetic industry is full of toxic chemicals (PCBs, Parabens...) that end up right in our system. It's time we pay just as much attention to what we put on our bodies, as we put in our bodies. 

Earth Care. Anato addresses Earth care from an array of perspectives, with a systems thinking mindset. Check out our page about our Zero Waste Company and our Regenerative Body Care Line to find out more. 

Fair Share. Lathering ourselves in high quality, organic oils cannot be done at the expense of dangerous, underpaid, abusive labor. This is why we source our ingredients from distributors that have extremely high standards. We source Fairtrade, and even GoodTrade (a notch above Fairtade) wherever possible. In addition, we avoid ingredients we know are natural but aren't sourced ethically. This is particularly true for mica – the wonderful sparkly powder comes from naturally occurring mineral deposits, but is mined unethically. That's right, that expensive organic sparkly eye shadow of yours was probably the result of child labor.  

In addition to planting a tree for every 50 products sold, Anato donates part of its procedes and products to our partner non-profit, Plastic Tides.