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...And then back to the forest… 


Thank you for joining the Anato communiTree and voting with your dollars ! Together we are on a mission to reverse climate change.


Currently, our tree planting efforts focus on mangroves because they can store up to 5 times more carbon than a tropical forest. Each mangrove tree has the potential to remove 680 pounds of atmospheric CO2 during its lifetime —enough to offset nearly a month’s worth of driving for the average American.


If a tree is planted, but no one is around to properly manage the forest, does the tree fulfill its role in creating a more livable planet?

If a row of trees are planted in a monoculture system, do these trees make up a healthy carbon-sequestering ecosystem ? 

... Just a couple of Anato’s contemplative thoughts about a regenerative future, discussed on Forest Fridays .

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-P.S - the answer is no! Proper forest management is a must to help mitigate destructive forest fires, aid in proper tree maturation, and allow space for diverse plant and animal habitats.