By creating minimally processed and packaged personal care products sourced from the forest, we increase individual's well-being and cultivate care for the planet.


Anato is a regenerative lifestyle brand based in Santa Cruz, CA. We create exquisite skincare products that nurture your body and the Earth.

Our 'closed-loop' business model is based on using renewable resources (tree crops and perennial plants) to create products that offer you solutions to plastic pollution and inform you about regenerative agriculture. 

We aim to go far beyond sustainability (sustaining the land) and instead, reach for the regeneration of our planet through tree-planting. 

We offer an array of skincare products and workshops



Céline Jennison, Founder and Chief Alchemist 

Céline oversees all aspects of Anato. She sources the ingredients — tree crops and perennial crops—  from farmers that use regenerative farming techniques, and finds local or Fairtrade options where available. For instance, the vanilla beans used for the perennial elixir are sourced from a cooperative in Madagascar. Céline creates every product through trial-and-error — undertaking, for instance, just under 100 different recipes for the ocean friendly sunblock ! She tests the sunscreen out surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding to make sure it STICKS and fully protects the skin! Céline spent an entire year coming up with the best #ZeroWaste packaging solution and orchestrates the design and artistic component of Anato. But most importantly, Céline inspires people about sustainable living practices through workshops and talks

Christian Shaw, Production & Community Outreach 

Christian, Céline’s co-founder at Plastic Tides is also based in Santa Cruz and is the 'silent' co-founder at Anato. He contributes to the production & community outreach aspects of our company. Christian holds exceptional communication & educational skills with an extensive network in the water-sports industry, helping promote Anato amongst athletes & the outdoor community. 

Christian built all the furniture at the Anato studio with reclaimed wood.