Anato crafts exquisite products that nurture your body and cultivate care for the planet. Responsibly sourced from trees, we make your skin glow while our forests grow. 

Anato is a regenerative lifestyle brand based in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Our 'closed-loop' business model is based on using renewable resources (tree crops and perennial plants) to create products that offer you solutions to plastic pollution and inform you about regenerative agriculture. 

Anato offers an array of skincare products,  workshops and expert knowledge.


We aim to go beyond sustainability (sustaining the land) and instead, reach for the regeneration of our planet by planting the renewable resources we use: perennial plants and trees. 

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 It all began when I was a kid, diagnosed with an immune deficiency

- Céline Jennison, Founder and Chief Alchemist 

I was ten and kept on getting ill - the doctors sent home with paracetamol and told me rest. Eventually, my mother brought me to a herbalist who was able to cure me through herbalism and a slight change of diet. I became mesmerized by the power of plants early on. Determined to uncover the best way to feed the world sustainably, I set off to college to study ethnobotany. Alongside my Plant Science studies I volunteered on countless farms to better understand how to harness the power of nature through biomimicry. I developed a passion for perennial crops and agroforestry systems due to their ability to provide food and an array of other ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration— of paramount importance to remain within our ‘planetary boundaries’. Determined to gain a better understanding of forest ecosystems, I pursued a Masters in Environmental Change and Management and ended up undertaking my fieldwork on the island of Hawai'i to study indigenous agroforestry systems and cutting edge forest restoration practices. 

Digging deeper into food issues, I soon became aware of the issue of plastic pollution and waste in general. This lead me to launch the non-profit Plastic Tides with two undergrad classmates in 2014. The team combines adventure & science to tackle ocean plastic pollution via Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) expeditions & story-telling. 

ANATO melds my lifelong journey concocting herbal remedies and skincare, my passion for truly sustainable agricultural practices and my experience at Plastic Tides to offer solutions to climate change via consumer products that nurture our bodies and the planet that sustains us. 

When I'm not working in my studio developing and perfecting Anato products and packaging, you’ll find me surfing the world-class surf at Steamer Lane,  ski- touring in Lake Tahoe or windsurfing with my family and racing my younger brothers along the water. 

Read more about ANATO's inception and check out the Zero Waste Voyage — a journey to reducing my footprint.

I'm inviting you 

to join us on 'Forest Fridays' — where my team and I put together a weekly newsletter packed with green wellness tips, zero waste advice, how to treat every-day ailments with herbs ... we talk about what 'sustainability' really is and how we can reverse climate change. 

And I discuss some 'behind the scenes' start-up stories, insights learnt, favorite personal growth books and productivity tips.

I also bring up my own wellness journey — covering topics such as navigating my way through natural deodorants (the frustrations with finding one that works) and my honest opinions. I chat about what I use to combat anxiety and stress that comes with running a business, and how to live low-waste when you're really low on time.

The ladies on my team spend a lot of time combing through the latest research and delivering accurate information that goes way way way beyond just selling skincare products. I'm not a slimy salesperson throwing all sorts of different marketing messages your way. There's no BS in my newsletter.

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