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Industry has been based on degenerative design: we take Earth’s materials, make them into stuff, use it for a while, then throw it away. It’s a one-way system that runs against Earth’s cyclical processes of life. And it’s destroying the planet’s living systems on which we fundamentally depend.”  Dr. Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics.

We are surpassing Earth’s planetary boundaries. Our disposable economy is engulfed by single-use plastic. Our neglect is costing us our health with exponential food-related diseases. What not everyone realizes is that harmful chemicals in conventional body-care products are applied to our largest organ –  the skin.

We are introducing a body care line, ANATO, giving consumers the ability to pro-actively address these problems every time they use our products. Made with edible tree-crops, our products are organic, Fairtrade, cruelty-free and come in plastic-free packaging (either reusable or backyard compostable).  

The answer to Dr Raworth’s quote is Regenerative Design— that’s what our business is rooted in.  We use systems thinking to go beyond organic and into regenerative enterprise— 95% of our ingredients come from tree crops and perennial crops which yield year-after-year whilst providing many ecosystems services.