Join this upcoming week-end (11/4-11/5) for a complimentary multisensorial experience.

Indulge in a Forest to Face® experience for the release of our most exquisite creation yet, five years in the making
- - - - - - - - - 
We capture the secrets to trees' longevity for skin rejuvenation.




We expect a lot of foot traffic at the show, so come early! Please ask the ladies at the front kiosk to direct you to our booth #102. We are right in the middle of the venue.

The VIP pass to use at our booth for the full Forest to Face experience is 'COMMUNITREE'


We will be going live throughout the week-end whereby you'll be able to see Jardin de Lumière and ask Céline questions about holistic skincare. Please stay posted via instagram stories and click on the bell on our profile to be notified when we are going live. 



I have a lot of questions and want to hang out & chat holistic wellness

Please contact us to let us know you plan to come and we will let you know where the 'after party' is taking place

Is there an entry fee?
Nope, the event is free and open to the public.