We face an overwhelming number of products to choose from, that take up storage-space in air-conditioned supermarkets, on cargos and in people’s cabinets.

ANATO is based on the principles of multifunctionality and minimalism. As such, our waterless, concentrated, lightweight products serve multiple purposes. For instance, our solid rosemary shampoo is also body soap, shave soap and laundry soap— intended to encourage minimalist lifestyles.

Our products are perfect for the modern adventurer who seeks versatile options. That rosemary shampoo can also be used as dish soap if you're out camping! 

ANATO helps you kickstart your own Zero Waste Voyage. We know you can't become a sustainability expert overnight, so our products make it easy to opt healthy & eco-friendly at the same time. 

To help you in your journey towards a regenerative lifestyle, we'll also be offering array of educational material: online (podcasts, blog posts, and social media), in person (workshops and presentations) and experiential (DIY options).

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Read more about our founder & female explorer Céline, and how she created a zero waste voyage kit for her adventures with her brother.