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Anato Life Women-founded brands that you should know


Founded by Céline Jennison, Anato is an organic skincare line that nurtures your body and cultivates care for the planet. After being cured from an immune deficiency through herbalism at the age of ten, Céline developed a passion for plants and nature. Upon completing her Masters in Environmental Sciences in 2016, Céline set off to travel the world with her brother. With little room in her pack for skincare, Céline created a lightweight herbal medicine kit and body care essentials. A year later Anato was launched, combining Céline's love for sustainable agricultural practices and experience concocting herbal remedies and skincare. Anato operates through a ‘closed-loop' business model, based on using renewable resources (tree crops and perennial plants) to create products that offer you solutions to plastic pollution and inform you about regenerative agriculture.


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