Anato Team

Céline Jennison, Founder and Chief Alchemist 

Céline oversees all aspects of Anato. She sources the ingredients — tree crops and perennial crops—  from farmers that use regenerative farming techniques, and finds local or Fairtrade options where available. For instance, the vanilla beans used for the perennial elixir are sourced from a cooperative in Madagascar. Céline creates every product through trial-and-error — undertaking, for instance, fifty tests for the conscious sunblock! She tests the sunscreen out surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding to make sure it S T I C K S and fully protects the skin! Our CEO spent an entire year coming up with the best #ZeroWaste packaging solution and orchestrates the design and artistic component of Anato. But most importantly, Céline educates people about sustainable living practices through workshops and talks

Christian Shaw, Production & Community Outreach 

Christian, Céline’s co-founder at Plastic Tides and is also based in Santa Cruz. He contributes to the production & community outreach aspects of our company. Christian holds exceptional communication & educational skills with an extensive network in the water-sports industry, helping promote Anato amongst athletes & outdoor influencers.

Phil Barrett, Social Media and E-commerce Guru 

Phil helps with social media optimisation and E-Commerce remotely. He has a progressive & successful 20-year career in digital marketing and commerce.  He has managed very large digital marketing teams (former head of north american digital marketing for BlackBerry) as well as very small teams.

Our interns 

Christian Rowe 

Christian is Junior at Cornell University studying Environmental Sustainability Sciences with a focus in Biological Sciences. She is also minoring in Global Health. Christian is interested in learning more about how climate change will disproportionately affect certain peoples, and how to reduce that disparity. In her free time, Christian enjoys being in the ocean, whether that’s sailing, surfing, or swimming. 

Julia Khan 

Julia is a sophomore at Cornell University pursuing a degree in Design and Environmental Analysis with a passion for urban farming. She hopes to integrate agriculture, behavioural analysis, and sustainability into public environmental design. 

Emma Phillips 

Emma is from Jackson Hole, WY. Being born in such a beautiful, exciting place has given her a love for the outdoors and our planet. She loves playing soccer, hiking, exploring, and surfing.

Angela Chen 

Angela is junior studying Urban & Regional Studies and Information Science at Cornell University. Raised in Hangzhou, China, she is fascinated about cities' sustainable future as well as how communication and technology are influencing it. Angela is also a pianist and loves music of all genres. 


Past interns 

Andrea Gonzales del Valle, Talia Gnessin and Noelene Power