Herbal Remedies 101 & DIY First Aid balm


Learn to kickstart your very own home apothecary!

This is a two hour workshop that can take place at the Anato studio* 

*Please write to us for prices and group quote for workshops at the location of your choice in the Bay Area. 

In this workshop, we will:

  • look at (and trying to recognize!) some common plants that can be used to cure every-day ailments.
  • learn different forms of herbal remedies you can use for your home apothecary
  • go over things such as tinctures, poultices, teas, infusions, macerations, inhalations, etc.
  • gather some fresh herbs from terra-cotta potted plants as well as dried herbs and convene to make a herbal salve (aka DIY first aid balm).
  • create an all natural salve for external use to replace that old neosporin hiding in your first aid drawer!
  • If time permits, we'll go over a few medicinal mushrooms you might want to consider incorporating into your diet.

The following supplies are included:

  • fresh and dried plants
  • herbalism and foraging books to browse
  • all materials needed to make a herbal healing salve
  • an assortment of tinctures, essential oils, dried plants, teas ... that you can take note of to include in your herbal first aid kit
  • a little pouch and printed recipe for the take-home salve + travel tin

You can bring:

  • a notebook!

You will go home with:

  • the knowledge to start designing your very own home apothecary to cure every-day ailments
  • two topical salves: one in a glass container and one travel-size metal tin that you can take with you to help heal wounded and dry skin even on the most extreme of adventures!
  • a list of the best places to source ingredients to build your home apothecary