DIY Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Workshop

Learn to make reusable beeswax wraps to avoid wrapping food in plastic. And learn to wrap gifts #ZeroWaste style — without plastic tape! 

Reusable wraps made with beeswax and other natural ingredients help reduce the use of items such as cling film, ziplock bags and aluminum foil that aren't recyclable or easily reusable. 

Single-use plastic is detrimental to our environment and our health. Let's start the New Year with less plastic in our lives and help our friends and family do the same. 

Price: $66 per person.

NOTE * We also do private events (see below) 

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

In this workshop, we will:

⚘ Make our very own beeswax wraps to use yourself or give out as gifts

⚘ Learn various ways to package items beautifully in a sustainable way 

⚘ Have an opportunity to ask Céline about various ways to reduce your plastic footprint on a daily basis 

    The following supplies are included:

    ⚘ Ingredients, supplies and tools for your beeswax wraps 

    ⚘ Colorful fabric for your beeswax wrap 

    ⚘ Buttons and waxed string to make sandwich bags 

    ⚘ Wooden buttons and sewing supplies to make a sandwich wrap

    ⚘ Paper, natural adhesive, twine and fabric to wrap your wraps (for holiday gift giving!)

    ⚘ Snacks and a selection of herbal teas are provided during the workshop

      You can bring:

      ⚘ If you have festive cotton fabric that you would like to use for this workshop, please bring it along! 

        You will go home with:

        ⟡ 8 reusable beeswax wraps that you can keep for yourself or gift in packs of two. **RETAIL VALUE OF $80 ** 

        ⟡ Beautifully wrapped beeswax wraps ready to gift

        ⟡ Inspiration to embark on your own Zero Waste Voyage

        ⟡ Instructions to replicate beeswax wraps at home

        ⟡ Furoshiki (cloth based folding) wrapping cheat sheet

          Photos below courtesy of April Burkhart Photography




          About your host, Céline Jennison

          A water-woman and plant enthusiast, Céline is a regenerative lifestyle evangelist and outdoor educator. She has been making her own medicine and cosmetics since the age of 12, volunteering on countless organic permaculture farms to better understand how we can harness the power of nature to feed the world sustainably.

          In 2014, after completing her Masters in Environmental Science at Oxford, she co-founded the non-profit Plastic Tides to help combat a global epidemic: plastic pollution. Céline leads workshops and expeditions around the world, encouraging people embark on their own 'Zero Waste Voyage' and live a holistic lifestyle in tune with nature.

          Today Céline runs the social enterprise ANATO — Regenerative body care made with tree crops for people wanting pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint.



          Private events: 

          We do private events as well! Contact us for more information.