DIY Skincare & Intro to Zero Waste Living

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Learn to make your very own herbal skincare products ! 

This is a two hour workshop that can take place at the Anato studio or at the location of your choice in the Bay Area. 

Please write to us for prices and group quote. 

In this workshop, we will:

  • look at, smell and feel a variety of ingredients used to make DIY cosmetics
  • learn different forms of skincare products you can make
  • go over a variety of plants commonly used for herbal skincare 
  • smell and try to recognize some of the essential oils in our large collection ! 
  • create three herbal lip balms to use and/or gift to family and friends 
  • we will also go over the topic of plastic pollution and why it is problematic for the planet and your health
  • we will introduce a variety of new techniques you can use to reduce your plastic footprint 
  • if time permits, we will give you an introduction to home-composting 

The following supplies are included:

  • herbalism and DIY cosmetics books to browse 
  • all materials needed to make DIY lip balms
  • an assortment of essential oils that you can start to learn about and use every day at home as part of your Zero Waste Voyage ! 
  • a little pouch and printed recipe for your home-made lip balms - you will make three 
  • snacks and a selection of herbal teas 

You can bring:

  • a notebook!

You will go home with:

  • the knowledge to start creating your very own herbal skincare products 
  • three plastic-free lip balms to use or gift 
  • a list of the best places to source ingredients to build
  • a resource list of places to get plastic-free items for your kitchen, bathroom and life in general