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Above: Annatto pod — the tree after which this company, ANATO, was named. Read the full story here



"Dear community, 

Welcome to the ANATO Blog—  a place where we invite the community to contribute on topics that pertain to the ANATO lifestyle. 

As many of you know, I launched ANATO as a way to inspire and educate about topics such as sustainable agriculture and solutions to plastic pollution through skincare products. 

As a company, it is difficult to showcase all our sustainability features without shying away from the most important part of the company: the fact that our products work, make you feel good, smell amazing and are practical (lightweight and travel-friendly). 

We have so much to talk about — from permaculture to why plastic pollution is actually a problem (beyond the fact it kills the cute fishies). And we'll be doing this via the ANATO Blog and upcoming Youtube Channel. 

This blog will be mostly community generated content. We invite you to delve into your Zero Waste Voyage, favorite skincare routines, and DIY recipes. We want scientists to talk about their conservation efforts and updates on microplastic concentrations... We'd love for herbalists to share ethnobotanical knowledge, yogis to share wellness tips... We open up the space for teachers and non-profit leaders to share their educational efforts... And of course, we love stories about ANATO products on adventures! 

So if you enjoy writing and are passionate about ANATO life topics, please sign up to become a guest blogger for the ANATO blog here."